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How It Works

Any 5 Pick Style

There is no draft, because Nascar doesn't have a draft so each week pick the best 5 drivers that you think will finish in the top 5.
There isnt A B and C league Drivers. Choose your best 5 and get them in.
Picks are based on a weighted average of the finishing position of the drivers you picked. Your 1st pick carries the most weight. Click Here For scoring Info
Pick a Driver as Many Times as you want.
Picks are based on the Car number Not the Driver. If someone gets sick and the car still runs you will be given points based on that car's number.
If you have a car selected that doesn't run at all you will recieve 0 points for that pick.
Ties? If 2 people in your league have the exact same picks the person who entered their picks in at an earlier time will be declared the winner.
If you forget to pick you drivers 1 week they will automatically carry over to the next week.
Picks that are carried over will be entered with the time of the carry over and Not the time they were originally entered.
To encourage active participation during the Chase, Carryovers will be docked 100 pts from their Pre weighted average. This is not enough to completely remove them from the running.

Getting Started Is Easy

1). Simply Register for an account!

2).Come Back Each Week And Make Your Picks

Don't worry if you forget to make picks or miss a week, the previous week's picks will automagically carry over.
Depending on the League Settings there may be a CarryOver Penalty! The Public League has a 100 pt penalty!
1) Click on the "Dashboard" and select "My Picks".
2) Find the Race you want and click on the "Edit / Make Picks" link.
3) Enter in your Top 5 Car numbers in the order you think they will finish.

3). Stop by during the race and Visit the RaceTrax Page, to see Live Scoring in your league!

Navigate to RaceTrax On Raceday

  • Green rows on the left indicate your position
  • Red rows indicate members with CarryOvers with the 100 pt penalty
  • Red highlighted numbers show selected driver pick position
  • Green rows on the right indicate your picks

Create Your Own League

1.) Select "Create A League" From the Menu

Enter the Info and Press "Set Up My League"

Manage your League / Members

1.) Select "League Manager Dashboard" From the Menu

We will be adding new features as the we can to make managing your league easier!

2.) If you have more than 1 league that you manage you will have to select it from the dropdown list and they you can see all your members.

Join An Existing League

1.) Select "Join A League" From the Menu

2.) Select the League on the Left, and Enter the PassCode that your league Manager gave you and click Join League.

Scoring Points And Tie Breakers


Points for your picks are awarded as shown in the table below Multiplied by the weight.
Pos Car Finishes Points
1st 43
2nd 42
3rd 41
4th 40
5th 39
6th 38
7th 37
8th 36
9th 35
10th 34
11th 33
12th 32
13th 31
14th 30
15th 29
16th 28
17th 27
18th 26
19th 25
20th 24
21th 23
22nd 22
23rd 21
24th.............. All the way to 1

Weight of Points.
Your 1st pick Carries a weight of 5 times the points above.
Your 2nd pick Carries a weight of 4 times the points above.
Your 3rd pick Carries a weight of 3 times the points above.
Your 4th pick Carries a weight of 2 times the points above.
Your 5th pick Carries a weight of 1 times the points above.

The table below is used to determine the point value associated with your picks. The Points here are arbitrary because any numbers decending by 1 each time would work but here it is...
Your first pick finishes 23rd is 21 X 5 = 105
Your second pick finishes 16th is 28 X 4 = 112
Your thrid pick finishes 10th 34 X 3 = 102
Your fourth pick finshed 2nd 42 x 2 = 84
Your fifthpick finshed 5th 39 x1 = 39
So your total is 445

If the other members scores are
Position Points
542 1st = 180
446 2nd = 175
Yours 445 3rd = 170
212 4th = 165

So For this week you would have scored 170pts and came in 3rd for the week.
The Race Trax Page does all of these calculations on the Fly as the Race is on TV.  This Alows you to see, lap by lap, exactly where you are within you league!

Points awareded for position are the same as nascar's
1st -- 180
2nd -- 175
3rd -- 170
4th -- 165
5th -- 160
6th -- 155
7th -- 152
and so on.....
It is almost exactly how nascar does it all the way to 34 points. Only Iowanascar's Points go down to 33.
If you have 60 people in your league 44 thru 60 will all get 33 points.
  • A Good Rule of Thumb is that Picks Get you Position, and Position gets you Points! This is based off of your league.
  • You recieve bonus points for a win in your league and if your first picks wins the Race you will recieve additional bonus points.
  • Iowa Nascar has the chase also. With 10 Races to go the points are reset and only the top drivers are allowed to compete for the title! Points are awarded for wins. The Number of eligible drivers is determined by the number of members in you league.

Elimintation Rounds / Chase

The Chase

Just like Nascar there are elimination rounds. Wins will not necessarirly guarantee you move on to the next round but they sure help. The number of people eliminated each round varies based on the number of members participating but a good estimate is 20 for the 1st round. then each round will be reduced by about 1/2 till the last round. The last round will have about 4 to 8 members, depending on number participating! You can follow your progress on the My DASHBOARD -> My League Standings

  • There are Elimination Rounds : Each round reduces the Number of members moving foward towards the Championship
  • To Advance to the next round you need to be above the cutoff line.
  • Last Race is winner take All!
  • Results are usually posted shortly after the offical results have been released

Manage Team

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You can change TeamName Once every 2 weeks!
Change PW
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